13 06 2017

Just got home from holiday in Tanzania and have to write about it.

Tanzania is in sub-Saharan Africa, once called “darkest Africa” and we’d never seen any of it.  Africa has such a dreadful reputation; wars, corruption, poverty.  Tanzania sounded different however, a country that since its formation (by the merger of Tanganyika and Zanzibar in 1964) has lived peacefully with its 120+ tribes and its mixed christian and muslim religions.

We wanted a safari but we wanted more: a cultural experience too.  Through serendipity, we stumbled on a new company which claims to provide an authentic Tanzanian experience.  Objectif Tanzania is operated by Daniel Ole Nasira and Stéphane Neuvéglise and if Tanzania is on your itinerary, you should seriously consider letting them organise your trip.

OTDaniel is a member of the Maasai tribe and he knows Tanzania like the back of his hand.  He and Stéphane showed endless patience in designing a trip which blended the most amazing safari in four different national parks (where we personally recorded 93 different animal species) with a range of cultural experiences in towns and tribal villages across the north of the country.  They even managed to pack in a few hiking days and a visit to Stone Town in Zanzibar to round off our holiday.  Daniel personally guided us throughout our visit and was endlessly alert to ensuring we had a maximum experience and considerable contact with the very lovely Tanzanian people.  Daniel was also supported by Abdela, our cook during the camping days.  It was worth the trip just to meet Abdela who made campsite dining feel like a visit to the Ritz, with our meals presented with a most erudite speech each evening.

Photos still in the camera but will add some here when we’ve sorted them.





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11 07 2017

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